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The Shoe Watch.

I am a designer. I design clothing, and accessories, including shoes and handbags. Lately i have been designing tons of shoes and now everywhere i go, i see shoes. I notice every persons shoes around me. Different heels, slips, and even athletic shoes. I see all different colors, textures and prints! It kinda turns out to be a fun game, sorta! Bored? Then look around, decide what a person’s shoe ( clothing item ) is made out of where they got it, how much it cost, etc!

Not everyone is in love with shoes like i am so maybe you like shirts, skirts, handbags, jeans, etc! Whatever! Just trying to make your own fashion show. Set one person up after the other and then you’ll see how differnt eveyrones styles are. Like old people styles are just awful! I hate them! They’re like a mix between leather slip ons and sandals! It makes me want to just scream at them and tell them to just pick one! :)

Also a new thing that i heard about with my friends the other day made me laugh so hard i was cracking up! Weather hores. Or some people call them weather sluts. When people take summer short shorts and then take winter ugg boots and put them together! I have to admit i used to be a weather hore! But you got to admit, mixing styles can actually really cute. Not the old lady shoes of course, goodness no! 

Anyway please like my blog and follow! Ask me any questions, they’re really fun to answer!


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Why Not?

Hello Followers, (If their are any)

Everyone has their own unique style, and some people try to fit in when they really should be embracing their own fashion choices. One of my favorite quotes thats from a movie is, “Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when your born to stand out?” which is so true! I have to admit, i have bold fashion choices and sometimes i would rather fit in than stand out, but i always end up doing my own thing. Like the other day i was trying to make a good impression on a bunch of friends and i had to outfit choices, one was more of the things that everyone wears! Like jeans and a cute top, and the other outfit was this cute, short skirt with a beautiful flower pattern and tie, with a lacy tank top. It would have been easier to go with jeans and a top, but i decided to go with my sixth sense, fashion sense!

But what I’m really trying to get here is that Why Not? Why not go with your own fashion sense and try what you like instead of what others think is normal, normal is BORING! Like people say, “I tried being normal for a day, but it got boring so i went back to being me!”

So if you have an outfit, thats wilder, or not like others, and your tempted to put it back in the closet, DONT! Put it on, if others look at you like your weird, then guess what? They ain’t got a fashion bone in their body, for any real fashionista, you accept what others wear, as their own style. Not look at them like, ‘oh thats weird’ No! You look at them with respect and admiration, for trying their own idea! For going outside the box and haven’t you heard, FREE IS THE NEW BOX!


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Fashion Field Trip

Sorry to all my followers, (If there are any), I know i have not written in a while the fashion world could not wait! I recently went to San Francisco, and in the city i visited some of the most amazing, famous, and just plain amazing designers such as: Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Feni, Prada, and i even went to Saks Ave. which by the way is AMAZING! It’s like fashion heaven! 

I was in Jimmy Choo and i saw the most amazing shoe that was covered in Swarovski crystals! Oh my gosh i was in LOVE with it. And i was thinking ‘okay i could either get theses shoes or i could go to college.’ It was a very hard choice but since i did not have $2195.00 on my at the time i had to pass! :)

Ever since i was little one of my biggest dreams was to have this amazing Chanel bag, which is the classic ‘wallet on chain, with quilted black caviar leather, and a cold chain’ until recently i had thought i could get my hands on one, unfortunately i found out that if i wanted this amazing bag i had to have $1700.00 on hand. Which i don’t think anyone carts around that much money. I was seriously starting to think about skipping college and getting the bag! :) 

I don’t know if you know but there is this amazing new store called “Armani Exchnage” which is this store that sells Armani but its cheaper and more like a store such as Macy’s. The prices are pretty good, but of course they’re not going to be super cheap, I saw this amazing tan coat that i absolutely loved. It was about $150 dollars, which is expensive but much closer to my budget. I suggest looking into it, there was some super cute stuff!

As i said before i also got to go into Prada, which was fabulous and i absolutely loved every bag that was there! 

More about my AMAZING fashion field try later!

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Fashion Do’s and Dont’s!

There are fashion do’s and don’t and, if you like to stay up to date you should always be aware of the current do’s or dont’s.  Do’s and Dont’s are way different from hot or nots, i think hot or nots are really stupid! I mean we don’t need anyone else telling you how to look! If you like your looks that’s all you need! But do’s and dont’s are certain fashion trends that are either: Look great! or Look Terrible! 

Certain pieces of clothing together can make great outfits but when you use two pieces of fashion that just aren’t meant to go with each other then that = Fashion Don’t! Its pretty Simple! 

A great fashion DO, that has been up in the current fashion world, is tight skinny jeans with ankle boot heels! Really cute!

A fashion DONT that you want to avoid is where people take there scarves and they put them around there neck and then they put them back around their back and tie it in the back, it may be complicated to imagine but trust me it makes you look like you could strap you’re baby to your back!  


I will right some more DO’s and DONT’S later! 

Remember i always love feedback on my blogs! And I’m obviously new to Tumblr so if anyone could tell me how to access the comments that you have written i would be very appreciated! Oh and how can you tell how many likes you have on your entries?

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to the boss of all badass blogs! Anyway you should all know that i love (as long as your not being an ass and leaving mean comments) every comment that you guys leave for me, and i love your suggestions! I will give you awesome and one of a kind Fashion advice! Anyway starting immediately i will leave the best advice and all the weird and wacky wisdom i have! 


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First Entry! :)

Okay, for my very first entry i would like to state the obvious! Boys: Low hats, and sagging, WHAT IS WITH THAT? I mean us girls don’t need to see your boxers, trust me it is not what we look for in a guy. Low hats, what are we not supposed to know you have eyes? Even though i don’t understand why boys like this style, i fully support that they have some kind of trend, they’re slowly going in a fashion forward-ish, direction! So good of you( I think) ! Girls: I am a total supporter of the short short thing, but i have to admit the most recent styles of short shorts, look like denim underwear! Seriously, I’m guessing the guys out there don’t mind, but seriously must we show that much of our ass? Anyway besides the obvious i would like to mention to all those who have a different style, that I think its incredibly rad that people have their own unique style! Good for you as well! 

Moving on….

I would like to be able to reach those who are very fashion forward and who like certain high end brands! As a fashion forward person i look for labels now, something that most guys don’t look for is the quality of merchandise! Im not saying that all boys don’t notice these things but lets face it we don’t usually find a guy looking a t-shirt trying to find out of its 100% polyester! Seriously! Lately i’ve noticed that girls in Jr. High and High School, no longer like to use back packs but purses! I don’t really get it cause, we are at school, not the mall! But some people like it, go figure! 

I will try and post an awesome blog everyday so stay with me and please leave comments! I also take all comments into serious consideration, even though i’m not the most serious person in the world! :)


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